The Jersey Trackers and the Imagination Tree Mystery

Published On: March 7th, 2016

We are delighted to announce that the New Jersey Center for the Book launched its first online e-serial book, The Jersey Trackers and the Imagination Tree Mystery, on March 17, 2016. A mystery story for New Jersey readers of all ages, the book consists of eight chapter installments to be posted weekly. Each chapter is written by a well-known New Jersey author – Pat Brisson, Wil Mara, Wendy Mass, Jim Murphy, Trinka Hakes Noble, Margie Palatini, Pamela Swallow, and Joshua Tiprigan. Illustrations were contributed by well-known New Jersey illustrators – Robert Blake, Leeza Hernandez, Gerald Kelley, Trinka Hakes Noble, Margie Palatini, Scott Rawlins, Karen Romagna and Lena Schiffman.

Our main characters are a children’s librarian and his book club, consisting of six curious, inventive and adventurous young readers – the “New Jersey Trackers.” Each chapter’s setting is a prominent New Jersey location and literary landmark. The Trackers travel around the state in a bookmobile, stopping at each location to search for clues and signs that help solve a mystery.

The first chapter starts out at The Liberty Science Center where three very rare seeds of the Imagination Tree are being kept in a vault until they are planted at Rutgers University to celebrate its 250th anniversary. It’s said that whomever sits under the Imagination Tree will become a great thinker. When the director opens the vault, the seeds are missing! Some strange hoof prints were recently seen nearby. It’s feared that maybe the Jersey Devil is involved!

The Jersey Trackers are eager to take up the challenge and track down those seeds. And so the mysterious adventure begins!

Is the Jersey Devil involved? Is he leaving signs and clues around the state? Can the Jersey Trackers solve this mystery and find the seeds in time for the ceremony?

We hope you will stay tuned to and travel around our unique state with the Jersey Trackers to solve The Imagination Tree Mystery!