Jersey Trackers Returns

Published On: April 19th, 2018


The last time we heard from the Jersey Trackers, they were scavenging the state on the trail of the notorious Jersey Devil as they pieced together the solution to the Imagination Tree Mystery. Now all of our beloved heroes—Chelsea, Gabby, Cooper, Maya, Jamal, Simon, and the imperturbable Mr. C—are ready to return for a second unforgettable adventure….

The Imagination Tree has been planted on the grounds at Rutgers, and the kids have been taking turns caring for it. But when they arrive one Saturday to prepare for a visit from the President of the United States herself, they find the tree sagging and wilted. Even more bizarre, they all had the same dream the night before—to gather at the tree and lay their hands on it at the same time. The moment they do, the world around them vanishes, and they find themselves not only in another place, but another time. Specifically, they have been teleported to the colonial era, where they will take the first step in a journey that will introduce them to some of the America’s most colorful characters. At the same time, they will learn more about the nation’s past than they would have ever believed—including one lesson that might be the most important of all.

The New Jersey Center for the Book is proud to offer this second installment of the ongoing Jersey Trackers series, and to not only welcome back most of the authors and illustrators from last time but also introduce a few new faces as well. This next story, titled The Jersey Trackers and the Greatest Mystery in All of History, will also contain material suitable for use with current curriculum, making it educational as well as entertaining.


Look for it this October!