“Where are they all headed in such a hurry?” Chelsea called out over the noise of the throng of students. She looked up at the Physics building. It didn’t seem big enough to fit all the college kids currently streaming out of it.

“You would think someone was giving away free cell phones!” Cooper replied. “Hey,” he said, stopping one of the students. “Where can I get a phone? Mine only has two buttons, one for my parents and one for the police.”

Chelsea pulled him away from the perplexed boy. “You’ll have to excuse him,” she said. “He doesn’t get out much.”

The boy looked confused and turned to go.

“Wait!” Gabby called to him. “Why is everyone in such a hurry? Are they late for their next class?”

“It’s Field Day!” he said, digging a folded flyer out of his pocket. He thrust it at Chelsea as he caught up to his friends. “Everyone wants to win a prize!” he called back over his shoulder.

I want to win a prize!” Cooper said, spinning around. “Let’s follow them!”

“Hold on there, Coop,” Jamal said, grabbing Cooper’s arm. “We’ve got a mystery to solve and a famous mathematician to find.”

“Glad you remembered,” Mr. C said with a twinkle in his eye. “I thought I’d lost all of you to a potato sack race.”

Chelsea lit up. “Do you think there really will be potato sack races? I love those!” She only had time to glance at the flyer in her hand before Jamal began tugging at her sleeve.

“C’mon,” he said, ushering them all toward the building. “This is a physics building and we get to go inside! No more wasting time.”

Chelsea noticed Pascal raising his brows in surprise as they made their way through the last few students. “The trackers love learning new things,” she explained. “Jamal and I love science the most.”

“Science is fascinating indeed,” Pascal said as they stepped into a large lecture hall just inside the front doors. “Being here makes me wish I was a student all over again.”

Mr. C patted him on the arm. “You never have to stop being a student, trust me.”