“It’s a long way down to Cape May,” said Mr. C. “I’d better call ahead.”

The Trackers watched Mr. C’s face turn into a serious frown as he spoke to Mrs. Birdsong from the Cape May Bird Observatory. “Yes, I see…oh, my…okay…right, Mrs. Birdsong. Don’t worry. We’re on our way!”

“Trackers, that was Mrs. Birdsong from the Cape May Bird Observatory. Maya and Jamal, you were right on track.”

“Ha, on track, Mr. C! Pretty funny,” laughed Cooper. Mr. C faintly smiled at Cooper’s joke, but then quickly got serious again.

“Mrs. Birdsong’s voice sounded urgent. They’ve had some strange happenings at the Observatory. Something is disturbing all the migrating birds! So, hop on the bookmobile, Jersey Trackers! We’re headed for Exit 0!”

“Exit 0? Yikes!” cried Cooper, and this time he wasn’t joking. “Sounds weird and strange to me!”

“And scary,” added Chelsea.

“What will happen when we get to Exit 0?” asked Gabby, her eyes big. “Will we vanish, become nothing, and turn into zeros?”

“Or maybe we’ll just disappear into the ocean,” worried Simon.

Mr. C laughed as he swung the bookmobile out onto the exit ramp heading south on the Garden State Parkway. “No, it’s just the last exit on the Garden State Parkway. After that we’re on the Cape May Peninsula. That’s where the Cape May Bird Observatory is, way out on the point. When I was a boy, I spent my summers in Cape May.”

Jamal already had out his New Jersey Shore Birds book, thumbing through the pages. “Can’t wait, Mr. C!” he shouted, excitedly. “Let’s go!”