“Yuck! I’m getting soaked!”

“That’s because it’s raining, Maya,” said the quick-to-quip Cooper.

“Ha-ha. No kidding, Mr. Comedian.”

Chelsea wiped her face with the sleeve of her tee shirt. “Besides standing in a puddle on a sidewalk in the dark of night, do any of us have an idea where we’ve landed this time?”

“I don’t know where, but I think I know when,” said Maya with a grin. “From the look of those groovy psychedelic bell-bottoms you three guys are wearing, Chelsea’s tie-dyed shirt, and Gabby’s white patent leather go-go boots—not to mention…” She placed one hand on a hip and fluffed her wet hair with the other. “I’d say we’re in the sixties.”

Jamal grinned. “Radical.”

Gabby turned to their teacher. “What do you think, Mr. C.? Are we in the 1960’s?”

“Looks like you’re on the right track, my friends.” He chuckled patting his neon orange belt. “Rock on.”

“Cool,” said Simon. “So, we can check off ‘when’. The question now is…why?”

“More important,” piped up Cooper, pulling on his shirt, “Why are we getting wet?”

Thunder suddenly cracked over their heads. The Trackers jumped—Including Mr. C.

“Come on—Let’s get out of this rain!” shouted Simon as black clouds continued to rumble. “This way!” he said, pointing in the darkness to a large stone building only a few feet away.

“Whoa!” called out Jamal as he and Chelsea were swept away in a huge tide of people heading for the open double doors. “We’ll meet you guys inside!”

With rain pounding and wind gusting all around, the rest of the Trackers lost no time following a second wave. Mr. C took up the rear as the group hurried through tall iron gates and then raced up the concrete steps. First inside, Simon stood on his toes and craned his neck over the rows of broad shoulders queuing up in front of him.

Gabby gave his wet shirt tail a tug. “Any sign of Chelsea and Jamal?”

“Yep. I see them,” he nodded back. “They’re waiting for us in the far-left corner.”

Like links in a chain, the Trackers clasped hands. With Simon leading the way, and Mr. C. at the back end, the five squeezed through the crowd, slowly snaking a path toward Jamal and Chelsea.