It was Gabby’s turn to sit in the front seat next to Mr. C.

“So what did you think of the Sterling Mine, Gabby?” Mr. C asked.

“That Rainbow Room was the best! I didn’t even know about fluorescent minerals before today. It was like magic the way they changed from ordinary-looking rocks to out-of–this-world beautiful! I wish my younger brothers could have been there. I can try to describe it to them, but I think you have to see it to believe it. I’m sorry we didn’t find the seeds from the Imagination Tree though.”

Mr. C nodded. “But at least we have another clue to go on. We should get to the Paterson Public Library in less than an hour.”

“Do we know anything about this library?” she asked him as they pulled onto the highway.

“Well, it’s a library, so it must be a great place. Am I right or am I right?” Mr. C answered.

Gabby smiled and rolled her eyes. “Correct as usual, Mr. C.”

“But if you want, you can use my phone to go online and see what you can find out,” he told her, handing it over to her.