Chelsea bounced up and down in her seat, but it wasn’t because the bookmobile was driving over rocks or slipping into potholes on a dirt road. Well, maybe a little because of that! But mostly she was unable to contain her excitement. When the group figured out that the clue in the basement of the Liberty Science Center yesterday was pointing them underground, she’d known right where they were headed. As someone who loved rocks and gems, she’d always wanted to visit Sterling Mines but she didn’t know anything about the northwest corner of the state. Looking around at miles of trees and hills and a wide blue sky, she felt like she was in another world!

“Where IS this place?” Cooper asked. “It feels like we’re in the mountains!”

Mr. C chuckled as he turned the bookmobile onto a paved road that led toward a low building with huge piles of various colored rocks out front. “We ARE in the mountains,” he told them. “In fact, we’re not too far from High Point Monument, the highest point not only in the Kittatinny Mountains, but in the whole state of New Jersey!”